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The Extraordinary League of Coaches.

Now, here's the difference

Our Faculty are learning and development professionals, academically qualified and registered to governing bodies, and have been working in business for decades. That, of course, is not what makes us different; that’s just what you would expect.

The difference is that we are an Extraordinary League of Coaches:
Ex-marines/armed forces officers, theatre & opera professionals, international sportspeople and coaches, multi linguists, lifetime wellbeing practitioners, ex-senior execs, government insiders, psychologists, experts in start-ups, innovation & design-thinking aficionados, business school professors, cultural transformation veterans, charity and NGO specialists, seasoned journalists and presenters. Some of us have made business our home, many of us are still migrating between our different worlds of expertise.

The beating heart of the Ludic Faculty is the real world experience and perspective that we bring with us from our previous fields of excellence - we are not colourless consultants. Who we are and where we’ve been matters, and we believe the same about you, your people, your organisation and your clients.

How we deliver

We offer bespoke and off-the-shelf.  We design and deliver. We work live and digitally. We are comfortable from classroom to conference; one to one as well as facilitating thousands in global webinars and virtual events.  We always partner with our clients.

A special mention for digital

We understand that the new digital reality changes everything, and the Ludic Faculty has the full digital-might of the Ludic Group behind it: we are trailblazers for what is digitally possible for business in the 21st Century and can do amazing things. We have the scale to roll out global learning and change programmes, alongside the facility for one to one virtual coaching…. And we have a constant eye on keeping it human.

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