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“The positive difference Dorotea’s communication programs have made are significant... our customers are now closer to us. Full of admiration and gratitude.”

Monika Houck, CEO Lufthansa Systems, Budapest.

English, French, Italian
Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker
My Best Story

"From where we stood, it looked impossible. But deep inside my heart, I knew we could find the way. Trusting we would get there, we took the first step..."


Dorotea enables business leaders to achieve impact and influence through accessing or reconnecting to their values, their spontaneity, their authenticity and their capacity to adapt in the moment. She calls this leadership competence, ‘Heartfelt Presence’. Since 2002, hundreds of business leaders have tried and adopted Dorotea’s methodology and are now giving, heartfelt, effective and compelling speeches that inspire and influence their listeners and teams to action.

Areas of Expertise
  • Executive coaching
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Team building
  • Solution focused coaching
  • Body language and emotional intelligence
  • Intelligence of the heart (values)
  • Inspiring and effective meetingsheart (values)
Licence to Practice

Prior to her coaching career, Dorotea trained as an actor at Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique de Lausanne and forged an international acting career that lasted 12 years. As a speaker she presents on the subject of communication skills and has presented at a variety knowledge events, from ICF International Conference to Lufthansa Systems. Her presentation topics include, Pitch and Connect, Engaging Presentation, Heartfelt Presence and Confidence and Communication. She has authored three books on communication skills.

  • Master of Arts at the University of Lausanne
  • A certified solution coach
  • Member of ICF (Int. Coach Federation)
Satisfied clients, include

Lufthansa Systems, IMD, Philips Int., WHO, I.J. Martin & Co Ltd, Novartis, UBS, Celgene International, Alstom, Siemens, International Trade Centre, Shire.

Three words that
describe me
  • Deep-listener
  • Inspiring
  • Joyful

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