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Releasing potential.

Coaching is about unlocking potential to maximise performance: in sport, in business, in life. It is about making the decisive changes that will accelerate progress. Sometimes these changes are small adjustments to behaviour, sometimes they are a quantum shift in vision and purpose. Put simply, coaching can change your performance, your career prospects, and your business results - it can even change your life.

“Over the past 18 months, I have been promoted within the organisation three times, now reaching my global role.

Ursula has guided me every step of the way.”

Business Coaching

The fast-track to high performance. Whether underperforming or showing high potential, business coaching is a timely intervention that helps your teams, projects and individuals regain the altitude they’ve lost, or achieve the altitude they’re capable of.

Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top. So who’s looking after the CEO and senior exec’s development whilst they’re looking after the development of the company? If you’ve never been coached, you may see it as a perk, if you have you’ll see it as essential. In the words of Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, "Everybody needs a coach…".


Learn from the experts. A person or team lacking an essential skill has an effect on your business. The more senior the role, the more mission critical the project, the more conspicuous the effect. You can hobble on for years or you can engage a niche expert: a skills coach.

If you want to learn something, find someone who is world class. In our case, someone who is world class and is a trainer and coach. Think of a skill and we'll have a coach for it. Example of skills coaching are:
Communication & Influence/Presentation & Presence/Negotiation/Problem-solving/Conflict management/ Resilience & Stress Management/Career or Transition Coaching

Talk to us about designing a bespoke coaching programme.