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It was make or break. The business story that needed to be told would either bring the Partners onboard or send them running for the hills...
#Skills Coaching - Industry: Actuarial

Deliver an engaging speech to move the hearts and minds of 400 Partners attending an AGM. The purpose of the speech was to shift the Partners' mindset so they could see the full potential of a business function’s capacity to increase influence in the market place. The measure of success was in the form of attracting the support the business function needed to grow, rapidly.


We put together a creative team of writers, graphic designers, business consultants and a performance coach to understand audience, purpose of the story, environment and the needs of the business and the newly appointed Senior Executive giving the speech.

From this exploration, we co-created a speech with an engaging narrative that put the audience at the heart of the business story. Short films and illustrations were created and music selected to create texture and help shift pace and focus to reinforce key messages. Performance coaching - a blend of NLP and acting techniques - managed anxiety to release an authentic and engaging performance.


Think TED. A confident presenter, impassioned to share a business story, melted a tough audience by taking them on a journey. The applause was as impassioned as the speech. There was no running for the hills. Instead the business function created a buzz. In the reception that followed the business team were already starting to attract some of the support they needed to transform. And this transformation would not only support business growth, it would also help improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

“How can I ever say thank you properly for all the support and help you gave me to get to yesterday?

I’ve had some really nice comments from so many people – all down to you guys.”

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