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#Keynote Speaker
How Stories Work
Brown Bag Meeting, London

Ben Shenoy

We were asked to enable a busy team to play together so creativity could be unlocked and communication skills further developed.

There was a challenge.

The team were locked into dealing with global expansion.  There was no time to stop and stare. 

To help shift focus and mindset, we created a thought intervention in the form of a brown bag lunch. Here the team could eat together whilst playing sets of games that uncovered why stories work and how they are impactful in business.  Half a cheese sandwich later, the team were fully engaged and exploring the implication of storytelling in a number of business settings. From marketing to leadership and customer service to shopping.

90 minutes later the team had a set of tools to apply in the business to help drive engagement.  The time also afforded the team to look up from their daily work, stretch and re-focus, bringing new energy and improved work flow.

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